Trackable by Safety Pod, up to 5 miles

  • Proprietary radio technology, designed to work in any environment, including in water, indoors, in the woods, in rugged terrain, ...
  • Only device that can be continuously tracked while immersed in water
  • Multi-mode tracking

  • MOB Monitoring, Perimeter Monitoring : configurable geo-fencing with automatic alarms
  • Open Mode: immediate distress call to Safety Pod within 5-mile radius
  • General Recall: receives and displays short messages from Safety Pod
  • Interfaces and communication

  • Multiple radio interfaces for communication to the Safety Pod
  • Pairs via WiFi with smartphone, tablet, or laptop running Safety Bean Management App (free download available) – No External WiFi required
  • Secure, encrypted communication
  • Waterproof to 30 feet

    Rugged and strong, designed for sport activities, the outdoors, and the marine environment

  • Stylish, cool, attractive design, use it as your watch
  • Most comfortable to wear, custom wristband material ideally suited to remain comfortable even during intense physical activities
  • Watch functionality: time of day, date, timezone

    Rechargeable battery; includes charging cradle

  • DC and AC Charging
  • Long battery life: 8 to 24 hours of continuous tracking
  • Charging time: normal charging: 2 hours; quick charging: 1 hour

    • Remotely configurable by the Safety Pod
    • Very easy to operate, even by a child
    • Remote monitoring and testing by the Safety Pod ensures that the Safety Bean is always fully functional and its battery is properly charged
    • Child-proof mode of operation

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