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Safety Beans Next-Gen Technology Explained


The ONLY tracking technology that WORKS ANYWHERE


  • The ONLY proprietary next-gen radio technology explicitly built for extreme environments: IN WATER, INDOOR, IN THE WOODS, IN RUGGED TERRAIN, and anywhere in between
  • Most insensitive to terrain, obstructions, weather, etc.
  • The ONLY technology that tracks even when the Safety Beans are immersed in water
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    The ONLY tracking solution suitable for CHILDREN

  • Cool, comfortable watch wearable by children
  • Child-proof operation mode available
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    The ONLY totally PORTABLE safety tracking system

  • Use the Safety Pod in many ways:
    • Attached to a bracket (included), mounted on a fixed position
    • Standalone, e.g. on a table at home
    • Carry it with you, attached to the back of your smartphone (integrated smartphone clamp included)
    • Carry it with you, clipped on your belt (integrated belt clip included)
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    The ONLY totally SELF-CONTAINED safety tracking system

  • Does not depend on external infrastructure (GPS, WiFi, cellular, satellite)
  • Most reliable
  • No monthly fees!
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    The ONLY MULTI-MODE wearable safety tracking system

  • MOB Monitoring, Perimeter Monitoring: Geo-fencing with automatic alarms
  • Open Mode: panic button, distress call
  • General Recall: Pod to Beans alert messages
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    The FASTEST and MOST ACCURATE tracking

  • Starts tracking instantly as alarm goes off
  • No Cold start delay in location tracking, as with GPS, AIS, EPIRB-based systems
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    The most USER FRIENDLY tracking system

  • One-touch system arming and disarming
  • One-touch mode setting
  • One-touch geo-fence configuration
  • One-touch child mode setting
  • ransparently pairs with smartphone, tablet, or laptop running Safety Beans App for ultra user friendly configuration, settings, and display
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