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Our Mission

Our Mission is to build next-generation devices that make children, adults, families, pets, and assets safer, anywhere. We have the privilege of applying our knowledge and talent to save lives, provide piece of mind, and help people live better in any environment. We define a new standard in safety and wellness, and make it affordable and always accessible to people of all ages.


Safety Beans is a Nautical Beans Brand.

About Nautical Beans

Founded in 2015, Nautical Beans is a startup headquartered in Seattle, with subsidiaries in Bangalore, Singapore, London, and Shenzhen. We are a team of serial entrepreneurs and industry experts with deep expertise and exceptional track record of innovation in the areas of:

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Internet of Things (IoT)


Location and Tracking

Travel/ Booking/

Consumer Electronics

Smart Services

Logistics Platforms

We are organized in Brands, each devoted to apply our unique talent to building ground-breaking products and services for a specific domain. Currently, Nautical Beans powers two Brands:


Revolutionary devices that save lives and help people live better, anywhere


The power of AI to set new standards on how we book and enjoy travel

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